Business Analytics Services

Information Visualization with Global View Re-Discovering your data in the context of time and space can become a gold mine for you and your business. Liberate yourself from the limitations of spreadsheets and charts.   Making sense of not only your internal data but also the data which is available through social media and merging […]

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Demand Forecasting

Ensuring accurate demand forecasting can be a challenge in the oil and gas industry. Demand patterns can change rapidly. OneMarcellus™ provides a solution to generate forecasts and demand data for your company. Our service can present, organize and update third party information to create weekly and monthly updates. OneMarcellus™ is accessible through, allowing all […]

OneMarcellus Water Management

Water Management

The oil and gas industry always had to manage water aspects in its development and production activities. Unconventional hydrocarbon development however requires operators and service providers to manage water at a whole new scale. Regulatory oversight and public concern often also focuses on the water management aspects. OneMarcellus™ water management allows you to select your […]